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Rua Duque de Palmela, 27 - 1º Esq. 1250-097 LISBOA
Company Description:

PINTO RIBEIRO ADVOGADOS is a Lisbon-based law firm that provides comprehensive legal services to institutional, corporate and private clients, both domestic and foreign, in the most diverse areas of law.
With over 45 years of experience, we assure our Clients the support of a team of highly qualified lawyers prepared to meet their needs, through a close and personalised assistance and the creation of multidisciplinary teams.
The PINTO RIBEIRO ADVOGADOS team is composed of experienced lawyers, with in-depth academic and practical knowledge of the legal reality within the national and international social and economic context.
What unites us is the strong will to provide a differentiated and added value service, looking for solid and innovative solutions, aware that the demands that reality places on us are constantly changing. Our lawyers are therefore focused on presenting not only the best legal solutions for each case, but, above all, implementing the solutions that prove to have the greatest added value for the defence of our Clients´ interests, always with a high criterion of quality and impartiality and in a relationship of strong proximity and trust.

Since 2018 PINTO RIBEIRO ADVOGADOS is a member of Allinial Global, an association of independent legal-tax consultancy, auditing and accounting, founded in 1969 to provide mutual support and improve the response given to clients that act both locally and internationally. It currently has 236 member offices and is present in 85 countries.
In Portugal, Allinial Global is represented, in the within the scope of the provision of legal services, by PINTO RIBEIRO ADVOGADOS.

Practice Areas:
Banking and Finance
Corporate and Commercial
Intellectual Property
Labour and Social Security
Litigation and Arbitration
Family and Sucession
Privacy and Data Protection
Private Clients
Private Equity
Public and Regulatory
Real Estate
Restructuring and Insolvency


Dr. Nuno Madeira Rodrigues - Head of Real Estate Law Department -
Dr. José António Pinto Ribeiro - Sócio -
Dr. André Miranda - Sócio -
Dr. João André Antunes - Managing Partner -

Contact Information
Main Phone: +351 213 138 800
Fax: +351 213 161 802