The British-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce provides comprehensive translation services in most sectors of activity including Law, Medicine, Financial, Marketing, Information Technology and Advertisement. We use only highly qualified, experienced translators and can provide translation service from English into Portuguese and vice-versa as well as many other languages.

Translation Services

Translation work – we offer professional solutions whilst assuring excellent lead times. Send us your documents and we guarantee a prompt response with our quotation.

*Translation work does not include any type of editing such as document formatting, pagination work, picture/image editing etc

Interpreter Services

Similarly, we also provide professional Interpreter services from English into Portuguese and Portuguese into English, so that even if language may pose as an initial barrier to you, you are guaranteed to overcome it by using highly experienced, qualified and discreet interpreters.

Document Certification

It takes a lot of experience, as well as time, to manoeuvre through the bureaucracy of some of the systems that companies and individuals have to deal with when doing business in Portugal. 

We can save you time, and therefore money, by taking care of this process for you.