The BPCC is well regarded in the Portuguese market as having extensive Member and non-member reach. In many cases we have been able to arrange meetings or often facilitate introductions to Government, Embassy officials and/or others in a position to help our Members. We can also arrange meetings between interested parties for commercial introductions. There are various levels to this service according to your specific needs, such as accommodation arrangements, car hire, interpreters, translators and others.

The Chamber provides a comprehensive market presentation service for a variety of sectors in Portugal. As a 3-stage process, the service is tailored to the needs of each company or individual in order to match your UK business to a selection of suitable partners in Portugal. The Chamber thus carries out extensive research based on your corporate profile to identify potential partners/distributors/buyers in line with your criteria and target area. Throughout this service, the BPCC evaluates their suitability and ascertains their interest as well as their availability to meet and discuss in further detail possible partnerships. Progress is continuously monitored and summarized reports are frequently sent out to maintain regular contact and provide your company with feedback every step of the way.

Price & Guidelines

Cost of service: 2000€ excluding VAT (minimum price is subject to confirmation once the product’s  initial analysis has been accomplished  and  the company’s objectives for the market taken into consideration).

The cost does not include attendance at the meeting by a member of staff; however a proposal can be prepared according to requirements and meetings scheduled.

Commercial Introductions Service - Portugal

  • Evaluation of the product/service and requirements for the target market;
  • Profile analyses of the potential partners (importer/ distributor/ etc.);
  • In-depth research of Portuguese companies;
  • Identification of potential partners and measurement of their degree of suitability.

The Chamber will prepare a specific product brief alongside a description of the potential partners.

  • Creation of the product and company’s presentation brief including a revision of all materials to be used – during the stage, the BPCC will contact you for approval prior to issuing any information;
  • Introduction of your company to potential partners;
  • Follow-up with direct contact to all the companies approached;
  • Assessment of the level of interest exhibited by potential partners and evaluation of their availability to schedule a meeting.

Periodic reports of all introductions and follow-ups including the feedback received on the products will be sent to your company.

  • Contact each company to confirm the meeting’s location and time (according to a schedule agreed with your company);
  • Finalization of the matchmaking calendar for online meetings.

Case Studies

Savory Products

The Chamber assisted a Portuguese frozen savory products company to find a distributor/importer in the UK. The Portuguese producer attended 4 meetings in the UK accompanied by our consultant who also made the initial contact to introduce and present the company and its products. With two significant orders placed within four months, the meetings were successful. As a result, other importers have now registered their interest with our client as his product has gained international exposure in the Marketplace and his reputation for reliability has been confirmed.

Dairy Products

The BPCC introduced a Portuguese dairy producer from the Azores to British wholesalers and retailers with nationwide networks throughout 5 introductory one-to-one meetings. The initial feedback from the meetings suggested that the proposed products were not tailored to the tastes and preferences of the British market. With this invaluable feedback, the producer was able to modify their products to be more palatable to this particular consumer profile. More importantly, our client was grateful for the gathering of this market intelligence as it avoided a potential disastrous entry into this previously untested market. The British importers are now enthusiastically engaged in developing flavours and packaging designs tailored to their specific needs for private label products. As a result of this introduction, they have also shown interest in other available products. Two substantial orders were placed within a month with several more at advanced stages of negotiation.


The Chamber participated in 2 trade missions to introduce British wine buyers to the Portuguese market. The BPCC successfully attracted 13 individual buyers to travel to Portugal for one-on-one meetings and wine tastings with Portuguese wine producers. These events were held in both Lisbon and Porto. The missions proved to be extremely fruitful as the buyers agreed that the wines were of excellent quality which kick started business relationships.

Rigid Cardboard Boxes

The BPCC set-up 3 one-to-one meetings for a Portuguese rigid cardboard manufacturer with UK companies from the food and drink sector. Throughout the meetings, the manufacturer was accompanied by a local consultant and received instant successful responses from 2 buyers. As a result, orders were placed within a month of the meetings being held. Further meetings have been planned for a promising second visit to the British market.


The Chamber has been commissioned to introduce furniture British buyers/importers/designers to the market for one-on-one meetings with Portuguese manufacturers and visit factories. This project is still ongoing.