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Avenida Da Liberdade 262 - R/C Esq 1250-149 LISBOA
Company Description:

Advance Works is specialized in developing software that solves unique business challenges, by merging innovation with world-class talent.

We are a technology services company specialising in creating unique software solutions that enable your organization to thrive in the digital world.

- Low Code: Rapid Application Development, easy integration and simplified architecture to quickly create and deploy business applications

- Web Development: Frontend that balance an optimal user experience with the business needs and performance . Build with a mobile first approach

- Hybrid Mobile Development: Mobile app development with optimal user experience and shorter time to market

- Core & Backend Development: Reliable and secure solutions serving millions of users. Architectures designed to address customer-centric business needs

- Cloud Native Architectures: Agile and scalable solutions, providing high performance, zero downtime and faster scalability

- Expert Services: Consulting services and full-time experts in software architecture and application development


David Faustino - CEO -
António Rodrigues - CTO
Rodrigo Brito - Manager -