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Rua Alvaro Castelões, 754 1º, Salas AJ a AQ,, 4450-040 MATOSINHOS
Softingal - We Do I.T is a high-tech enterprise that delivers state-of-the-art solutions. Softingal likes to truly understand his customer needs, to develop beautiful and user-friendly interfaces, and deliver the most recent technologies to his customers, which helps businesses thrive in this high-speed environment. From web platforms and SaaS applications to [...]
Main Phone: +351 225 323 510
CC Bento da Rocha Cabral, 1, 1250-047 LISBOA
We want the world to experience the benefits of autonomy as soon as possible. That’s why we’re focusing on bringing our technology to low-speed vehicles where we can initially operate in environments that are non-complex, and avoid challenging high-speed situations where the technology ask is magnitudes more difficult and expensive. Headquartered [...]
Main Phone: +351 939 311 767