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Rua Abade Faria, 36, Lj Esq. 2725-475 MEM-MARTINS
A ACOQ tem como Missão prestar um serviço de Qualidade a todas as Empresas e Empresários, respeitando as suas necessidades, nas áreas da Contabilidade, Fiscalidade, Formação e Informática de Gestão. A ACOQ posiciona-se como uma extensão cliente, procurando soluções que viabilizem o seu crescimento. Acoq torna a sua vida mais [...]
Main Phone: +351 219 205 225
Rua 1º de Maio, 58 8800-360 TAVIRA
All Finance Matters offers a friendly and personalised service, to companies and individuals, in accountancy, tax advice, fiscal representation, payroll and other advisory services. We have a team of chartered accountants and tax advisors with the knowledge and insights to uncover opportunities and the commitment to see them through. We work [...]
Main Phone: +351 281 029 059
Rua da Republica, 70-1º C 8135-121 ALMANCIL
Carlos Lopes is the senior partner of Di Veris, Lda and chartered accountant since 1989. During 12 years he was the Chief Accountant of an English Multinational Company in Portugal. Di Veris develop its activities in the areas of: Accountancy: - Bookkeeping, financial statements, statutory accounts. - Payroll / [...]
Main Phone: +351 289 391 135
Rua de Sá da Bandeira 182 1º andar 4000-428 PORTO
Giambrone & Associados is an international law firm with offices in Porto. The firm also has offices in the UK in London, Birmingham, and Glasgow and in other main European and non­European countries such as Italy, Spain, Germany and Tunisia with over 70 lawyers addressing the cross-border issues of [...]
Main Phone: +351 221 451 016
LEAP Amoreiras - Centro de Escritórios, Espaço amoreiras, Rua D. João V, nº 24, 1.03 1250-091 LISBOA
Experienced consultants in international mobility. Immigration & Relocation for executives & families. We´re here to optimize your time and simplify international mobility, breaking down the barriers between people and places. Expatriation, Relocation, Immigration Temporary Accommodation & Intercultural Training for executives, faculty and students, online or offline.  
Main Phone: +351 210 415 928
Rua Venda do Valador, Aldeamento Venda do Pinheiro, N.6 2665-600 Venda do Pinheir
Viscura International is a medical assistance company, a traveller’s lifeline to any help when a medical need arises. We connect people with healthcare providers especially in countries that speak Portuguese- Portugal, Brasil, Angola, Mozambique and Cape Verde.  We provide care from simple to complex cases including house calls, hospitalizations, [...]
Main Phone: +351 935 270 933