Our Mission

To promote bilateral trade and business opportunities between Portugal and the UK by assisting companies engaged in bilateral trade to gain access to the appropriate services, guidance and contacts for the furtherance of their business.

Founded in 1911, the Chamber is a non-profit making, non-party political organisation funded by the subscriptions paid by its Members and the services it provides.

Our Aims

  • The protection and promotion of Members’ interests, including the furthering of all types of product, service or technology exchange between Portugal and the United Kingdom.
  • The monitoring of proposed legislation which might affect Members’ interests and the making of representations on their behalf to appropriate authorities.
  • The encouragement of consultation by government authorities and industry associations on matters affecting the interests of Members.
  • To provide a forum for business persons of all nationalities, who use English as a business language, for expressing their views on topics affecting their business and social environment.
  • To present a positive image to the local community; wherever possible, using the Chamber’s activities to add value to the economic life of Portugal, and to demonstrate a strong spirit of integration and co-operation within that community.
  • To maximize the benefits of the Chamber’s relationship with the British Embassy and its extensive Portugal-based network of contacts, in order to continually enhance the Chamber’s profile and credibility.
  • To promote the objectives of the Chamber by contact with other bodies in Portugal, operating within similar or complementary fields, including other Chambers of Commerce.
  • To create a platform for communicating to prospective and existing Members and, as a result, to expand the membership of the Chamber.
  • To present a varied programme of events which will both strengthen the financial base of the Chamber and create a general awareness of Portugal’s business issues.