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Rua do Alecrim 26 E 1200-018 LISBOA
Company Description:

MACEDO VITORINO was established in 1996. MV is a local firm with a truly international practice, blending a strong Portuguese law expertise with an innovative approach to its clients´ businesses and ways of working. MV has created strong relationships with many of the leading international firms in Europe and the United States, which has enabled MV to handle cross border transactions effectively.

MACEDO VITORINO is recognized by the major international directories as one of Portugal´s leading commercial law firms for its expertise in banking, finance, corporate law, intellectual property, tax, telecommunications and dispute resolution.


Dr. António de Macedo Vitorino - Senior Partner - [email protected]
Dr. João de Macedo Vitorino - Senior Partner - [email protected]
Dr. Guilherme Dray – Partner – [email protected]
Drª. Cláudia Fernandes Martins – Partner – [email protected]
Drª. Susana Vieira – Partner – [email protected]
Dr. André Dias – Partner – [email protected]