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Rua D. Francisco Manuel de Melo 21-1º 1070-085 LISBOA
Company Description:

BT Group plc is the listed holding company for an integrated group of business that leads the UK´s information communication technology (ICT) market; ICT is the name given to a set of products offering companies voice, data and value-added services to help them run their businesses more flexibly and serve their customers more efficiently. BT Group consists principally of four lines of business: BT Retail, BT Wholesale, BT Global Services and BT Openworld.

BT´s strategy is to create value for shareholders through being the best provider of ICT,communications services and solutions for everybody in the UK, and for corporate customers in Europe, achieving global reach through partnership.

BT has been active in the Portuguese market for nearly 10 years, since reaching an agreement with Comnexo (now ONI) for the distribution of BT International Data Services in Portugal.

In April 1997 BT and Portugal Telecom announced a strategic alliance to address the rapidly growing communications market in Portugal and beyond. As part of this agreement Portugal Telecom became a distributor of BT International Services. BT also helped PT prepare for liberalisation through the transfer of knowledge and expertise in marketing, networking, customer service and product management. BT continues to have a close working relationship with Portugal Telecom.

PT and ONI are both distributors of BT International Services in Portugal.

BT has both a Network Operator license and a Public Telephone Network license in Portugal, addressing corporate and wholesale customers.


Engº. Carlos Dias - Head of BT Portugal -

Contact Information
Main Phone: +351 213 525 511
Fax: +351 213 525 513