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Ed. Adamastor, Av D João II N 9I, 11º Andar, 1990-077 LISBOA
Company Description:

In Bring, we are committed to making an impact on millions of people’s lives by solving our clients’ challenges in a digital, connected and cashless world.

We deliver world-class business digital solutions and insights, transforming the world through seamless services at different life events.

‘Inspired by people’ is our motto and our compass. We understand that business value cannot be unlocked through technology alone, believing the human factor is key to achieve more and quickly adapting to market changes.

What set us apart is a combination of perseverance, boldness and commitment and a clear vision of our goals and how we will achieve them.


Eng. Carlos Alves - CEO - [email protected]
Drª Patrícia Soares - Financial Director - [email protected]