Does your Facebook page have an extremely long, cumbersome and difficult to remember URL?

This may have some serious impact on the image of your business, especially in the following areas;

  • Brand awareness;
  • SEO;
  • Sharing the link;
  • not to mention the aesthetics.

There are two ways to correct this:

Method 1
In your FB account go to General Account Settings and select the desired username – If you administer more than one page, you should have access to all of the pages you administer here.

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Method 2
If you are the administrator of your business page, access the About option on the business page, and consequently select edit Username.

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Important Note:

– Facebook only permits that you change your URL ONCE so be make sure you choose wisely.

– It is recommended that you use a short and easy name to remember and to transmit when giving out your link.

– If you would like to shorten your url even further for publication, you can substitute ‘’ with either of these urls, ‘’ or ‘’,

For example =  =