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WEBINAR “What are your kids learning, right now?” with Matthew Shribman

Maio 28, 2020 @ 15:30 - 16:30


Far too many of our children are disengaged from learning; distracted by social media and uninspired by an outdated education system.

Inevitably, they will enter adult life on an increasingly fragile planet, and continue to make bad decisions, as we are doing now.

But we are on the brink of irreversible disaster, and of all the times in history, we desperately need people to learn and to want to learn.

Find out how and why we built AimHi; the world’s first online school offering live lessons where students can learn, interact and be inspired by charismatic role models and exceptional teachers, for free, supported by the Eden Project, and featured by BBC News.

Matthew Shribman is a well-known science presenter, educator and environmental activist, with 25 million online video views, and credits ranging from TEDxLondon to the BBC.

Zoom online meeting room (access link to be send once the registration is confirmed)
Format: – approximately 40-minute presentation followed by Q&A session.

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Maio 28, 2020
15:30 - 16:30

Events during COVID-19

We are traversing some uncertain times, changing the day to day functioning of many businesses. This is no different for our Chamber of Commerce, however, we are adapting to a new reality and the challenges that they bring.

Our Chamber will continue to organise webinars and events on a virtual platform, allowing members to continue to meet and network and share knowledge and ideas.

Stay tuned in to our events by making sure that your email is on our mailing list!

Estamos a atravessar tempos incrivelmente incertos com o modo de funcionamento do dia a dia de muitas empresas a mudar. Para a nossa Câmara de Comércio a situação não é diferente, estamos a adaptar-nos a uma nova realidade com os desafios inerentes.

Contudo a Câmara de Comércio Luso-Britânica vai manter a organização de eventos, agora num ambiente virtual, onde os associados podem continuar a reunir-se para ter acesso a informações úties assim como trocar ideias e experiências.

Mantenha-se informado(a) e não perca a oportunidade de participar, adicione o seu email à nossa mailing list.