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149 Avenue du Maine 75014 Paris
Company Description:

With experience building tech companies and patented software, we help businesses with their technology roadmap. This is how we can help you:

CTO as a service

We can build a solid foundation for your product development roadmap while taking into account your tangible commercial targets. Our work on previous projects has generated net positive impacts on the performance, scalability, maintainability and intellectual property protection of digital assets.

Technology audits

With experience building solutions for public nationwide telecommunications networks, we know how to build highly redundant and scalable systems with state-of-the-art authentication, encryption and firewalls.

Software development

We can design beautiful user experiences and interfaces and build scalable software leveraging modern frameworks that enable a seamless handoff of the code and deployment to you. We also offer continuous support until you have the team required to take over development.


Rami Aladdin – Managing Partner -