Following a series of successful webinars organised by our Chamber, we have invited our Members to offer their expert advice for free to fellow BPCC Members during a one hour remote consultation, please see below the the companies that have volunteered their services and the areas of advice offered;

Company Description Delivery Method Language
Action Coach Portugal Business Coaching: orientação estratégica de negócios nas áreas de Marketing e Vendas, Equipa, Mindset e Finanças. Orientação especifica gestão negócios em tempos de crise. Phone / Skype / Zoom English and Portuguese
Reis e Reis Accounting, tax and company management. Phone / Whatsapp / Microsoft teams English and Portuguese
Consultores de seguros Telemovel e email English and Portuguese
Lead Results B2B Prospecting and Sales, helping you to develop the skills and know-how that will take your process and prospecting activity and results to the next level.

Prospeção e Vendas B2B, desenvolvemos as competências para alavancar a sua atividade de angariação de novos clientes para o próximo nível e torna-lo(a) mais confiante, independente e flexível.
phone / Skype / Zoom or other viable method English and Portuguese
Accounting, Tax, HR Services, Grants & Incentives, Risk and Compliance. Phone, zoom, email English and Portuguese
NewCo Pro Corporate services: Company incorporation, head-office, director and tax representative, accounting, reporting and tax compliance (including SAF-T accounting). Relocation services: visas, residence and work permits, tax resident status and compliance, housing and property management. Skype / Zoom English and Portuguese
Banking, debt recovery/renegotiation, restructuring, reorganisation, bankruptcy/insolvency. Telemóvel/MS Teams English and Portuguese
Banking, debt recovery/renegotiation, restructuring, reorganisation. Phone, zoom, email English and Portuguese
Teixeira Sousa Guimarães Data Protection / Protecção de Dados (RGPD). Skype, Zoom English and Portuguese
TPA Law Corporate and Labour Law; Real Estate Law; Successions and Probate; English Law; GDPR. Zoom /email English and Portuguese

If you would like to voluteer your services please download, complete the forms with the details of your offer and return to