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Rua de Sá da Bandeira 182 1º andar 4000-428 PORTO
Company Description:

Giambrone & Associados is an international law firm with offices in Porto. The firm also has offices in the UK in London, Birmingham, and Glasgow and in other main European and non­European countries such as Italy, Spain, Germany and Tunisia with over 70 lawyers addressing the cross-border issues of its European and international clients.

The firm advises and supports both commercial and private clients on a wide range of legal issues, including international cross-border matters, employment, probate, commercial and residential real estate, high-value banking and finance, tax law, litigation, immigration, corporate mergers, intellectual property, and cross-border debt collection.

The firm deals with high-profile individuals as well as large corporate clients. The firm provides genuine value to our clients with complex legal issues by equipping them with flexible creative solutions.


Mario Pinheiro Torres - Sócio e Administrador -
Carlo Pontei - Sócio -
Gonzalo Butori - Sócio -
Rute Vaz Lourenço - Advogada Associada -