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Av. Almirante Reis, 54, 6º piso 1150-019 LISBOA
BRIDGE IN is your trusted partner for a quick and risk-free expansion into the European Market. Our Employer of Record service in Portugal is designed for tech and tech-enabled companies that are looking to hire great tech, sales and customer success teams in Europe in a cost-effective way, without [...]
Main Phone: +351 963 916 086
Praceta José Maria Veloso 2, Paivas, 2845-353 AMORA
A Ciphra é uma empresa especializada no apoio à Gestão de Empresas, nas áreas da Contabilidade, Fiscalidade, Gestão Administrativa de Recursos Humanos, Outsourcing Administrativo e Consultoria de Gestão. Com rigor e conhecimento, procura a satisfação das necessidades dos seus Clientes, assegurando o cumprimento dos normativos legais em vigor. É composta [...]
Main Phone: +351 212 260 450
In July 2018, Susana Miranda, with a career of 27 years in the HR Consulting Advisory sector, created the SM Group, a company with several business areas, such as Talent Management, Corporate Strategy, Mentoring, Training, Coaching and Executive Career Mentoring. A group of consultants also especialized in Talent Mapping, Networking, Professional & Personal Branding and Linkedin optimization processes.
Main Phone: +351 936 382 676