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Av. Almirante Reis, 54, 6º piso 1150-019 LISBOA
Company Description:

BRIDGE IN is your trusted partner for a quick and risk-free expansion into the European Market. Our Employer of Record service in Portugal is designed for tech and tech-enabled companies that are looking to hire great tech, sales and customer success teams in Europe in a cost-effective way, without the need to establish a local subsidiary.
With fully-owned operations in Portugal, we are experts in local labor regulations, taking care of back-office payroll, insurance, benefits, and taxes on your behalf.
Once you have tested the market and are ready to set up a subsidiary in Portugal, BRIDGE IN can act as your interim country manager, taking bureaucracy off your shoulders while you focus on growing your business.


Pedro Henriques - Founder & CEO -
Elisa Tarzia - Head of Marketing & Partnerships -
Dr. Nikitas Kokorelis - Head of Sales -