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Patricia Casaburi – GCS

We have great pleasure in introducing you to Patricia Casaburi, CEO at Global Citizen Solutions

How did you start your career?

I graduated from the University of Law, in London and my specialities include lead liaison in commercial and immigration law. My bachelor’s degree in media studies and journalism also served as a valuable tool to build expert sales and operations teams, with knowledge of the best communication practices. 

Before moving to Portugal and founding GCS along with my 2 partners, I worked in London in account management for an international hospitality group.

So, as a Brazilian national, with Italian and Lebanese grandparents, I knew from an early age what it meant to be global. 

Who is the business person that has inspired you most?

The world knows her more as a sportswoman or one of the best tennis players of this generation, Serena Williams, but she is also a great business woman and invests in several startups and also runs a few successful business. She is also a big advocate for women’s equality and empowerment. Many of the skills required to maintain such a-game for so long require focus, professionalism, and resilience, which are attributes to succeed in business too.

What is your greatest satisfaction in your business day?

Get all the priorities on my ‘to do’ list checked?

Seriously now, I am happy to work on something that counts, either getting someone’s nationality in a new country or help them buying their dream home. I am very involved on the day-to-day of our operations team and we all feel how great it is to work with people investing in their future and contributing to their story. 

What interests or hobbies do you have outside of your business career?

I love travelling and reading, or better yet, reading on the beach. Enjoy scrolling through recipes online, wishing I had more time to cook them, and I really cherish quiet times at home with my family.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what film / book / piece of music would you want to have with you?

Movie: that’s tough… maybe one of the classics? Pulp Fiction or Casino or, if we could stretch it to a series, the full Sopranos box set.

Book…anything by Ian McEwan

Music… Suspicious Minds as it takes you to so many places, and not many people know that but I love country music.

What is your favourite place in Portugal? And in the UK?

Portugal… Comporta

UK… Cotswolds

Are you active on social media? (if you wish you can indicate your online profile)

LinkedIn –

Medium –

There is much talk of digital disruption of both business and personal lives. What are the changes that you could see over the next ten years in your sector?

Our sector is all about the people, so we just need to leverage the right digital tools to continue helping our clients become global citizens. Here are a few examples I could think of:

Online Visa Applications: Applying for visas could become easier through online platforms, reducing paperwork and physical visits.

Enhanced Biometric Systems: Biometrics like facial recognition may be used for faster identity verification and improved border security.

Digital Immigration Records: Traditional paper-based records may be replaced with secure digital databases for easier access and verification.

AI-powered Document Verification: Artificial intelligence could assist in verifying immigration documents and detecting fraud.

Remote Immigration Interviews: Video conferencing could be used for remote immigration interviews, eliminating the need for in-person visits.

Virtual Immigration Assistance: Chatbots or virtual assistants could provide real-time guidance and information to immigrants.

Increased Data Sharing: Governments may establish better mechanisms for secure data sharing to enhance immigration management.