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New Associate Programme

Pedra Silva Architects is proud to announce the creation of a new ‘Associate Programme’ promoting key members of staff to help direct and guide the firm. A total of five team members have been awarded associate status due to long-standing commitment and service to the practice. They will now form a senior management core alongside founder and
managing director Luis Pedra Silva, helping drive a series of new and ambitious initiatives in the coming years. The associates will also crucially work together to promote the ethos and integrity of the firm.

Our design studio thrives on creativity, innovation and collaboration which is all underpinned by solid teamwork. Our associate programme will help harness this energy and propel the business moving forward. We believe in empowering valued team members – who have made our business the success it is today – by ensuring they are part of the decision-making process. This will allow us to continue growing as a team and motivate our architects to think ambitiously about business growth in the next decade.

New associates include Irene Cunha, Ricardo Conceição, Bernardo Nadais, Joana Anjos and Inês Andrade.

About the Associates:
Irene Cunha graduated in Architecture from the Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade Técnica de Lisboa in 1997. Over the last 20 years she has gained a wealth of experience across several sectors, including Mixed-use developments, Retail, Offices, Hospitality and Residential buildings. She joined PSA in 2016 as Lead
Architect and Practice Manager, working closely with clients to deliver projects from feasibility through construction. Irene is an integral member of the design development team, ensuring that all designs meet and exceed our client’s objectives.

Ricardo Conceição graduated in Architecture from the Universidade Moderna de Lisboa and has been with the office for the past 11 years. Before joining Pedra Silva Arquitectos Ricardo collaborated with several offices between Lisbon and Barcelona. He was also an invited lecturer at PARQ – Architecture and Landscape Department, University
Vasco da Gama [Coimbra]. Ricardo has a wide experience of working on highly complex projects, where he brings great ingenuity and creativity, by developing strong client service-oriented solutions with a pragmatic and creative vision. He has international experience in the Residential and Health Sectors, and he is currently leading the Workplace and Offices design teams for international corporate clients, such as OLX and Google to name a few.

Bernardo Nadais joined the team in 2014 after completing a master’s at the Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade de Lisboa. He is a key member of the Visualization team and makes sure that each project is developed with the highest standards. Lately he has been responsible for the development of a number of Residential projects, including a Luxury Villa in Moscow and Courtyard house in Lisbon, and is currently part of the team developing a five-star hotel in Ericeira.

Joana Anjos holds a master’s degree from the Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade de Lisboa.She joined the team in 2014 where she has developed a niche working on High End luxury private houses and public infrastructure buildings, including the interiors of luxury apartments in Moscow, the Zero Museum and the award winning offices of OLX in Lisbon. Joana is our in-house interiors expert and is responsible for the office’s Interiors Department. All projects interior specifications have been developed with her help. She is currently developing a private house in Algés, as well as supporting all other teams from the creative process to all phases of the several projects under development.

Inês Andrade holds a master’s in Architecture from D’ Arq da FCT da Universidade de Coimbra, after completing an exchange program in Uruguay. She joined Pedra Silva Arquitectos in 2017, with strong experience in residential housing and mid-scale hospitality markets. Inês has been deeply involved in the creative process of the office projects, developing and creating different concepts for the OLX offices and more recently has been one of the Design Leads responsible for delivering the Google spaces and Biogen Office in Lisbon.

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