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Avenida Elias Garcia, nº 48 - 1º 1000-149 LISBOA
Company Description:

Pessoa & Partners is a Lisbon-based consultancy firm that specializes in providing independent and professional support to foreign citizens and companies looking to establish in Portugal.

We can help you in the areas of residence and citizenship acquisition, tax consultancy (namely regarding the special reduced taxation regime for first-time residents and other kinds of tax planning), and also investment consultancy - whether strictly financial, in real estate or other forms of investment. We are also committed to help you and your family having a great time in Portugal. As such, we can help you with all the family matters you need – from finding an international school that suits your needs to planning your holidays.


Drª. Lúcia Barreiros - Sócia-Gerente -

Contact Information
Main Phone: +351 211 914 567