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Praça Maj. João Xavier Castanheda, 17, Moncarapacho 8700-087 MONCARAPACHO
Company Description:

iMergencies acts a first point of contact in an emergency 24/7/365 providing immediate phone interpreting, support and Intermediation between 112 (Portuguese emergency line) and the individual in various languages e.g., PT, ENG, NL, SP, FR and DE.

Language and culture mediator “More than words” - with a culturally aware team, iMergencies can better meet the needs of diverse populations living or visiting Portugal improving the quality of services and health outcomes during and after an emergency.

As a first response service, iMergencies does all the planning, and coordination with emergency services, including map drawing with reference points providing instructions on the fastest route to get to the person’s home.

Additionally, iMergencies offers:

  • Pet service (when the owner needs to be hospitalized);
  • Accidents and breakdowns support.
  • Assistance after death (funeral planning and insurance and RENTEV (Anticipated Will Directive/Living Will);
  • Rental and monitoring of alarm-buttons/panic alarm– with integrated GPS / GSM mobile technology. Works all over Portugal and in most European countries.

*The service operates in all of Portugal.


Jorge Pereira – co-partner -
Mark Rink - co- partner -