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Oeiras Business Center, Rua António Variações 5, 2740-315 PORTO SALVO
Company Description:

Edu4WORD specialises in creating, designing and leading educational programs in the UK and Portugal aimed towards children, teens and adults that want to pursue a better understanding of the English culture and improving English speaking skills. Our programs aim to foster Personal Growth, Personality Development, Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence in environments where diversity is key - promoting and developing friendships and networking that inspire Entrepreneurship, Tolerance and Initiative.

We are mostly sought after for our Summer Camps in the UK for Individuals or Groups (2 Weeks), Mini-Holidays in London Easter or Back to School (1 Week), Work Experience in London for young adults and Corporate Summer Camps in Portugal.

Values: World-Vision, Orientation, Relationships, Development.


Sofia Leitão - Manager -