Dialoguivirgula Consultoria, Lda.

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Rua Manuel dos Santos Vaquinhas, Loja B ,Lt. 124 8135-167 ALMANCIL
Company Description:

We are a family-owned consultancy with two arms: predominantly we work with marketing services for the Digital Signage industry, a sub-division of the AV industry. Here we undertake market assessments, develop and implement marketing as well as sustainability strategies on an international scale. Secondly, we work with counselling and coaching within occupational health. This follows Scandinavian best practice to prevent sick leave, high employee turnover and stress by offering counselling with skilled and trained external behavioural experts. We conduct our consultancy services in three languages: English, Swedish and German.


Daniel Oelker - MD - daniel.oelker1@gmail.com

Contact Information
Main Phone: +351 913 260 450
Alt Phone: +46 721556308
Skype: daniel.oelker@invidis.com