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Av. Duarte Pacheco 13 8135-104 ALMANCIL
Company Description:

C1 Broker is a leading insurance broker specialist in the expatriate market in Portugal and Spain, with an excellent reputation and long-term experience. The company provides insurance solutions for private individuals and corporations, as well as portfolio management services to independent agents and brokers specialising in the expatriate market.

C1 Broker has been created by an international team of professionals that have more than 26 years of experience in insurance, combining their knowledge, skills, expertise, creativity, culture, passion for innovation to offer you the best advice on your insurance needs.

C1 Broker, International Insurance brokers, provide an extensive range of products to suit all needs: property, health, life, general liability risks etc., so its customers can enjoy peace of mind.


Drª Susana Wichels - CEO - sw@c1broker.es
Mr Ralf Wichels - COO - rw@c1broker.pt
Mr Maximilian Wichels - Sales - mw@c1broker.pt