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Rua D. Francisco Manuel de Melo 21-1º 1070-085 LISBOA
BT Group plc is the listed holding company for an integrated group of business that leads the UK´s information communication technology (ICT) market; ICT is the name given to a set of products offering companies voice, data and value-added services to help them run their businesses more flexibly and [...]
Main Phone: +351 213 525 511
Rua João Chagas, 53, 2 Esq., CRUZ QUEBRADA-DAFUNDO 1495-724 CRUZ QUEBRADA-DA
We are a mobile networks engineering provider, offering a suite of outstanding Products that increase efficiency in network management as well as delivering Expert Services for mobile Operators. We are a trusted technology partner to some of the world’s leading mobile operators, enabling them to extract maximum value from their [...]
Main Phone: +351 214 152 330
Estrada da Outurela, 118 - Edifício B1 2790-114 CARNAXIDE
A Colt é a plataforma europeia de fornecimento de informação, permitindo aos clientes partilhar, processar e armazenar as respectivas informações de negócio. A Colt oferece a clientes em grandes organizações, médias empresas e no mercado grossista um recurso poderoso que combina a infra-estrutura de TI e de rede com a [...]
Main Phone: +351 211 200 000
Av. da Liberdade no 9, 5º 1250-139 LISBOA
Come to the Numintec cloud Take your communications to another level, improve your efficiency and profitability, get agile, gather more information from your clients and adapt changes to your business demands easier and quicker. Numintec is committed to research (R&D+i) since 2002, developing our own solutions based on proprietary and exclusive [...]
Main Phone: +351 800 781 414
Alameda dos Oceanos, No.27,1.º Andar, Esc. Nº 5 1990-198 LISBON
We are a global professional services firm that delivers integrated advisory and implementation solutions for geographic expansion, capital allocation, new product development, distribution, and technology challenges to organizations seeking to transform operations, catapult growth and accelerate results through decisive action. We specialise in developing major infrastructure projects worldwide by arranging [...]
Main Phone: +351 916 919 916