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Global Citizen Solutions and NGO Lisbon Project Unite in Celebration of World Migrant Day 

Migration is often influenced by political and economic factors, conflict, instability, and more recently, the impacts of climate change. The World Migrant Day, on 18th December was established to honor the contributions of migrants and recognize their rights, an occasion that aligns with the core values of unity, compassion, and understanding. In the true spirit of the holiday season, migration consultancy experts Global Citizen Solutions is honored to announce a collaborative Migration Consultation Day event with Portugal based NGO, Lisbon Project, in celebration of World Migrant Day on 18th December. 


On 18th December, the teams from Global Citizen Solutions, a relocation and visa consultancy company with offices in Portugal, and The Lisbon Project will set up an all-day drop-in event at The Lisbon Project headquarters, for community members to seek guidance on various bureaucratic matters. The services offered include expert advice on opening a bank account, nationality and visa-related matters, rental agreements, business establishment, job market information, how to obtain a tax identification number, and other related matters. Expatriates living in Portugal will also be able to share experiences and their journey to access healthcare and education services in the country.

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The event is not only an opportunity to receive personalized guidance but also a chance for community members to connect with like-minded individuals and share their experiences. Global Citizen Solutions and NGO Lisbon Project will provide fact sheets and training materials to empower attendees with knowledge and tools to navigate the complex world of migration. 

“Regardless of the motivations driving individuals to relocate, migrants and displaced populations embody some of the most susceptible segments of society. They frequently encounter restricted access to crucial services such as healthcare due to a lack of information on the systems of their new home. This special event aims to provide our team´s collective knowledge as visa and relocation consultants to assist and support the community members of Lisbon Project who may be grappling with bureaucratic challenges.” explains Patricia Casaburi, CEO at Global Citizen Solutions.  

NGO Lisbon Project, a non-governmental organization based in Lisbon, boasts a thriving community of over 3000 members. Dedicated to providing high-impact, cost-effective programs that support migrants and refugees, the Lisbon Project is a beacon of hope and assistance. Their diverse range of programs includes language classes in Portuguese and English, employment workshops, entrepreneurship support, legal aid, and community-life initiatives. 

“This day serves as a reminder to celebrate diversity, promote inclusion, and acknowledge the resilience of those who have embarked on journeys to build a better life for themselves and their communities.” concludes Patricia Casaburi. 

We are grateful to join hands with Global Citizen Solutions to bring this special Immigration Support Day to our community in this season of Christmas. At the Lisbon Project, we strongly believe in collaboration and this event is the fruit of values we hold dear: empathy, love, empowerment and at our core, community. Unfortunately, many of our community members are often faced with situations of fraud, misinformation and exploitation on the difficult yet courageous road of migration. This initiative will give our community access to reliable information and remind each participant that they are not alone. Empowerment is a gift that keeps on giving!”  points out Gabriela Faria, Founder and CEO at Lisbon Project.