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Carmen Baptista Rosa – PLMJ

We have great pleasure in introducing you to CARMEN BAPTISTA ROSA from PLMJ – LAW FIRM

How did you start your career?

I started 20 years ago as a trainee lawyer at the law firm PLMJ. Without even really intending to be a lawyer I became one and today I am proud to be one of PLMJ’s partners and head of the Faro office. I cherish long-lasting relationships!

Who is the business person that has inspired you most?

André Jordan, for his vision and ideas ahead of his time.

What is your greatest satisfaction in your business day?

A good day is a day when I learn something new and teach something new; and during this process, to have clients who are satisfied and recognise the effort and value all those working in the background.

What interests or hobbies do you have outside of your business career?

Photography, travelling (but not so much for the time being) and all kinds of sports, but especially yoga and running. Occasionally, I challenge myself with new activities and the current challenge is to learn how to surf.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what film / book / piece of music would you want to have with you?

No films at all. I would take any book by Gabriel Garcia Marquez – maybe “One hundred years of solitude” or “The story of a shipwrecked Sailor” would be appropriate. I would also take something I could listen to on a loop for years, Quarteto Jobim-Morelenbaum.

What is your favourite place in Portugal? And in the UK?

A sunset in Sagres and having lunch on any of the Barreiras Islands of “Ria Formosa” in the Algarve. In the UK, undoubtedly London – spending the afternoon in Camden and going to see a musical in the evening!

Are you active on social media? (if you wish you can indicate your online profile)

Who isn’t? Professionally, LinkedIn and privately, Instagram.

There is much talk of digital disruption of both business and personal lives. What are the changes that you could see over the next ten years in your sector?

Digital disruption is a consequence of progress. In the next 10 years, I believe we will be even more digital in our professional lives, having computers replacing lawyers in most of our day-to-day routine work. Virtual meetings with clients will be the norm, as will being able to work anywhere. But I hope we will be much more offline in our personal lives. Balance is key.

If you want to speak to Carmen, email: