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BPCC welcomes HM Ambassador to Portugal Mr. Chris Sainty

Chris Sainty Lunch

The BPCC welcomed the new British Ambassador to Portugal on December 6th with a celebratory lunch at the Intercontinental Hotel. The Chamber also took the opportunity to recognise and honour members who had been part of the BPCC for as many as 75 years.

The lunch was extremely well attended with member companies representing a wide array of industries including media, finance, marketing, legal, hospitality and tourism. The lunch provided attendees the opportunity not only to be part of welcoming HM Ambassador Mr. Chris Sainty to Portugal and honouring long standing members, but also to network and share business ideas with other members.

The Ambassador gave an excellent speech on the topic that is top of everyone’s mind; Brexit. His speech provided a unique insight into the current status of Brexit and why reaching an agreement at this stage was essential to Brexit’s success. His speech was also illuminating regarding the improbability that a second referendum could or would take place. Audience members asked the Ambassador to provide further insight on the hoped for benefits of Brexit in 2019 related to trade, and how ‘freedom of movement’ laws that allow EU citizens to freely move and work within the EU, would likely change.

Five different Chamber members were honoured for their long-standing partnership and support of the Chamber. Mr. Rui Miguel Guerreiro from ACCOUNTBOOK and Mr. Carlos Lilaia from Unicâmbio, received recognition for their five years of membership, while Mr. Tiago Ferreira de Lemos from PLEN ad Mr. Joao Mattamouros Resende from Cuatrecasas were recognized for their ten years of support.

The ultimate award was given to Mr. Pedro Oliveira from BP Portugal for 75 years of partnership with the Chamber. Mr. Oliveira inspired everyone in the audience by talking about how the Chamber had played an integral part of BP’s success in Portugal.

Other Chamber members had the opportunity to share stories at their tables regarding the business opportunities and access to other members that had been been available to them by their BPCC memberships.
Of course a big thank you goes to the Intercontinental for providing such an excellent lunch and venue, as well as to Chris Barton and his team for organising the event.

Welcome to Portugal Mr. Ambassador and Merry Christmas everyone.

List of all members which reached a milestone in 2018:

75 years Membership
BP Portugal – Comércio de Combustíveis e Lubrificantes S.A.01/06/1943
25 years Membership
New Zealand Trade and Enterprise01/07/1993
J. Plácido Santos & Associados01/08/1993
10 years Membership
RECONFINANCE-Gestão e Recuperação de Activos, S. A.16/01/2008
Vernon Soc. Med. Imobiliaria Lda19/02/2008
PortoSigns – Produtos Turístico e Culturais, Lda.25/03/2008
XPTO Events and DMC28/04/2008
PLEN – Sociedade de Advogados, RL22/07/2008
Ian McMahon Lda.29/07/2008
ACOQ Consulting, Lda.22/09/2008
QSP – Consultoria Marketing Lda.10/10/2008
Morgado Nora Velha, Prom. Imobiliária Turística Lda.15/10/2008
Martinhal Family Hotels & Resorts26/11/2008
Afonso H. O´Neill & Cia Lda.09/12/2008
5 years Membership
Advancefusion Lda.02/01/2013
ACCOUNTBOOK – Contabilidade & Assessoria Fiscal, Unip.18/02/2013
Unicâmbio – Instituição de Pagamento, S.A.08/04/2013
José Amorim Gomes Tradução & Interpretação Lda.20/06/2013
Lisbon Marriott Hotel15/07/2013
Gergran, Produtos Alimentares, Lda14/08/2013
Decade Development Management (DDM)19/09/2013
Texgoios – Indústria de Confecções Têxteis, SA19/09/2013
Meamstyle Lda20/09/2013
Austral – Comércio de Mobiliário de Cozinha Lda.01/10/2013
CC Homes – Real Estate01/10/2013
Taxlibris – Contabilidade e Consultoria, Lda.23/10/2013
Excellium Capital – Global Asset Investment Advisory08/11/2013
HC Studio Concept28/11/2013
Santos Camiseiros, Lda.06/12/2013
Freshmint Consulting12/12/2013

Text and photos:
Kaptiva Group