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VILA VITA Parc announces A-List Line-up for the biennial Fine Wines & Food Fair (5-13 May 2019)

The Algarve’s most prestigious resort, VILA VITA Parc Resort & Spa, will host some of the world’s best culinary stars this spring during the VILA VITA Fine Wines & Food Fair. The celebration of gastronomy takes place every two years at the luxury property, located in a picturesque clifftop setting on the enchanted Algarve coast. This year’s event will take place over nine days from 5-13 May and will include a programme of inspiring gastronomic experiences, with a series of exclusive themed dinners with VILA VITA Parc’s own culinary mastermind from Ocean restaurant, Hans Neuner, cooking alongside an impressive line-up of international chef talent and top winemakers and gourmet producers.

This year’s list of international guest chefs includes:

  • Andreas Caminada*** from Schauenstein Schloss Restaurant Hotel in Fürstenau, Switzerland
  • Christian Bau*** from Victor’s Fine Dining in Saarland, Germany
  • Jacob-Jan Boerma*** from De Leest in The Netherlands
  • Jan Hartwig*** from Atelier in Munich, Germany
  • Dieter Koschina** from Vila Joya, in the Algarve, Portugal
  • Karlheinz Hauser** from Restaurant Seven Seas in Hamburg, Germany
  • Konstantin Filippou** from Restaurant Konstantin Filippou, in Vienna, Austria
  • Oscar Velasco** from Restaurant Santceloni in Madrid, Spain
  • Thomas Allan** from The Modern in New York, US
  • Delfo Schiaffino* from Gusto by Heinz Beck, Portugal
  • Fritz Helfesrieder* from Gasthof zum Storchen in Bad Krozingen, Germany
  • Álvaro Garrido* from Restaurant Mina, Bilbao, Spain
  • João Oliveira* from Vista Restaurant, in the Algarve, Portugal
  • Jochen Helfesrieder* from Gasthof zum Storchen in Bad Krozingen, Germany
  • Martin Fauster* from Munich, Germany
  • Nigel Haworth* from Northcote in Lancashire, UK
  • Philippe Vanheule* from Hof Ter Eycken in Ninove, Belgium
  • Roberto Carturan* from Ristorante Alfredo in Cologne, Germany
  • Chakall from El Bulo/Areal Beach Bistrot/Refeitório Senhor Abel, Portugal
  • Ljubomir Stanisic from 100 Maneiras in Lisbon, Portugal

These culinary masterminds will cook alongside Hans Neuner in the resort’s two Michelin-starred Ocean and Atlantico restaurants for intimate audiences of between 30 to 80 diners.

The week will kick-off with a BBQ Cookout (lunch), a new adition to this year’s programme, taking place on 5 May at Herdade dos Grous, VILA VITA Parc’s own organic farm and vineyard located in the neighbouring Alentejo region.

Wine and coffee aficionados will also have opportunities to join in on extraordinary masterclass workshops with some of the most renowned winemakers or coffee producers in the world.

A veritable highlight of the festival is the lively Kitchen Party, a true epicurean celebration, taking place on Saturday 11 May in the VILA VITA Clubhouse featuring the guest chefs and winemakers working together to create culinary magic for over 500 guests.

Gastronomy is at the heart of the VILA VITA Parc experience with 11 innovative dining venues to choose from ranging from casual beachside dining and rustic, regional Portuguese plates to one-of- a-kind culinary creations at the two Michelin-starred restaurant and inventive Japanese cuisine. There is a strong emphasis on using only the freshest, seasonal local ingredients with the majority of produce sourced from sister farm, Herdade dos Grous.

Accommodation including breakfast is available during the Fine Wines & Food Fair (5-13 May 2019.) For further information or to book, please visit or

BPCC members benefit from a 10% discount on the following events –  Please contact Vila Vita Directly to benefit from your discount :
11/05 Kitchen Party (jantar)* – VILA VITA Parc – Porches
12/05 Restaurante Praia Dourada (almoço) – Praia Armação Pêra

See full Programme below

Fine Wine & Food Fair Programme 2019

  • Sunday 5 May, 12h – BBQ Cookout (lunch) – Herdade dos Grous (Alentejo)
    Featuring chef Ljubomir Stanisic (100 Maneiras) from Lisbon and resident chef Rui Prado (Herdade dos Grous)
  • Monday 6 May, 19h – Four-Hands Dinner – Ocean Restaurant
    Featuring chef Jan Hartwig (Atelier) from Germany, resident chef Hans Neuner (Ocean) and wine producer Cornelius Dönnhoff (Dönnhoff)
  • Tuesday 7 May, 10h – The Best Coffee in the World Masterclass
    Featuring Amir Gehl (Difference Coffee
  • Tuesday 7 May, 19h – VILA VITA All-Star Dinner – Atlantico Restaurant
    Featuring chefs Christian Bau (Victor’s Fine Dining), Dieter Koschina (Vila Joya), Jacob-Jan Boerma (De Leest), resident chef Hans Neuner (Ocean) and Master Sommelier & Wine Director Stefan Neumann (Dinner by Heston Blumenthal)
  • Wednesday 8 May, 10h – The Best Coffee in the World Masterclass
    Featuring Amir Gehl (Difference Coffee)
  • Wednesday 8 May, 15h-17h – Austrian Wine Masterclass
    Featuring Master sommelier Stefan Neumann (Dinner by Heston Blumenthal)
  • Wednesday 8 May, 19h – Four-Hands Dinner – Ocean Restaurant
    Featuring chef Konstantin Filippou (Konstantin Filippou), resident chef Hans Neuner (Ocean) and wines from “Wines by Heart”
  • Thursday 9 May, 19h – Four-Hands Dinner – Ocean Restaurant
    Featuring chef Óscar Velasco (Santceloni), resident chef Hans Neuner (Ocean) and wines from “Vila Viniteca”
  • Friday 10 May, 15h-17h – Canada & Oregon Wine Masterclass
    Featuring Michael Grimm (Bacchus Vinotheke)
  • Friday 10 May, 19h – Four-Hands Dinner – Ocean Restaurant
    Featuring chef Thomas Allan (The Modern) from New York, USA, resident chef Hans Neuner (Ocean), Michael Grimm (Bacchus Vinotheke) and Scott (Realm Cellar)
  • Saturday 11 May, 15h-17h – “Inside Kopke” Wine Masterclass
    Featuring Carlos Alves and Paulo Farinha (Kopke / Sogevinus)
  • Saturday 11 May, 19h – Kitchen Party – VILA VITA Clubhouse
    Featuring chefs Hans Neuner (Ocean), Dieter Koschina (Vila Joya), Karlheinz Hauser (Seven Seas), Thomas Allan (The Modern), Delfo Schiaffino (Gusto by Heinz Beck), Fritz and Jochen Helfesrieder (Gasthof zum Storchen), Álvaro Garrido (Mina), João Oliveira (Vista), Martin Fauster, from Munich, Nigel Haworth (Northcote), Philippe Vanheule (Hof Ter Eycken), Roberto Carturan (Ristorante Alfredo); and wine producers Luis Duarte (Herdade dos Grous, Alentejo & Quinta de Valbom, Douro), Luis Seabra (Luis Seabra Vinhos, Douro), Sandra Tavares (Quinta de Chocapalha, Estremadura), Alvaro de Castro (Quinta da Pellada, Dão), Marc Cashera (Vincent Gerardin Vins, Bourgogne), Johannes Häge (Weingut am Nil, Germany), Hans Reisetbauer (Blue Gin, Austria), Carlos Alves and Paulo Farinha (Kopke/Sogevinus), Eduardo Figueral (Quinta de Lemos/Decante), Fernando Asencio and Suzana Berbel (Bodegas Alonso), Miguel Pinho and Rui Lagoa (Ideal Drinks), Reza Korouji (Imperial Caviar), and more…
  • Sunday 12 May, 13h – Lunch – Praia Dourada Beach Restaurant (Armação de Pêra)
    Featuring chef Chakall (El Bulo/Areal Beach Bistrot/Refeitório Senhor Abel)
  • Monday 13 May, 19h – Four-Hands Dinner – Ocean Restaurant
    Featuring chef Andreas Caminada (Schauenstein) from Switzerland, resident chef Hans Neuner (Ocean) and wines by Philippe Gex (De la Pierre Latine)