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EN 361, N 66, 2530-074 LOURINHÃ
Company Description:

The company Louritex Lda, was founded in 1968 to manufacture agricultural equipment. In 1979 with the construction of new facilities, it was possible to expand to other markets, such as forestry and construction of earth moving equipment.
Today with a working area of 10.000 m2 and a total area of 120.000 m2, our company produces very sophisticated and reliable mobile, portable, static shears and balers for scrap and non metal industry. Also we produce a full range of products to transport and handle scrap products.


Sr. António Felix Figueiredo Frade; Sr. Luís Alberto Figueiredo Frade

Contact Information
Main Phone: +351 261 416 300
Fax: +351 261 416 308