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Rua Dr. Joaquim Pires de Lima, 388 4200-348 PORTO
Company Description:

Cerejeira Namora, Marinho Falcao is a Portuguese Law Firm with roots in the city of Porto and transversal activity throughout the national territory.

Multidisciplinary dynamics, combined with scientific rigor and technical capacity, remain the cornerstone of a young and dynamic team that seeks a common commitment: innovative and trusting relationships.

Since 1992, Cerejeira Namora. Marinho Falcao has cemented an innovative and dynamic positioning, responding to all challenges launched. What started 30 years ago with 2 founding partners and 2 areas of expertise, has multiplied into a firm with multidisciplinary skills and transversal action in all areas of law and for all areas of business. With a renewed brand, it distinguishes its people for excellence and professionalism. essential qualities to leverage the success of customers and support the community in which it operates.


Dr. Nuno Cerejeira Namora - Partner -
Dr. Jorge Ribeiro Mendonça - Of Counsel -
Dr. Gonçalo Cerejeira Namora - Principal Associate -