Banco Santander Totta S.A.

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Rua da Mesquita, nº6, Torre B, - 1, Porta B 1070-238 LISBOA
Company Description:

Banco Santander Totta S.A. is the merge of various banks and banking houses dating as far back as 1843. Banco Santander Totta is controlled by Banco Santander, with a shareholding of 99,9 %. Santander Totta, the 3rd private financial Group in Portugal.

Santander Totta has achieved a Net Income of 434.6 million euro, at the end of 2010. In the year, Santander Totta maintained a profitable and effective growth, together with a prudent risk management and a strict cost control, which led to a 15.3% ROE and a 45.7% efficiency ratio (with depreciations). The Bank has also kept high solvency levels with Tier 1 around 11.2%, a Core Capital of 10.3%, and the best rating of the Portuguese banking sector.

Banking services are rendered both domestically with network more than 650 branches and exchange offices and abroad, where the Group maintains one branch (London), one affiliated company (BST International Bank INC in Puerto Rico), various representative offices (Caracas, Geneve, Johannesburg, Koln, Lyon, Montreal, New York, Paris, and Toronto) and four subsidiaries (Mineola, Naugatuck, Newark, and New Bedford) in the USA.


Dra. Teresa Carvalho - Head International Division -

Contact Information
Main Phone: +351 213 704 476
Fax: +351 213 705 961