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I set up my company, Vanguard Art and Photography in 2004,initially exhibiting photography .

I had come from a real estate background and had led my own company in London’s West End concentrating on the marketing and acquisition of office buildings. I’d done some large deals like putting Rolex in their UK headquarters but I had seen that there was a need in the commercial market for art for office buildings and hotels. Also, I was a bit bored with real estate as a business and wanted to do something with a more creative edge.

My initial exhibition, of photographs of Jazz musicians on the Blue Note label, received a lot of positive PR and I had double page spreads in the Guardian newspaper as well as being featured in the arts section of Channel 4 TV News in London. In addition the BBC featured my exhibition in their Imagine TV series in a programme on the musician John Coltrane.

Other exhibitions followed but then I was called in to advise on art acquisition for the new Platinum Medical Centre in London. We chose 150 original lithographs from a studio with whom I work in Copenhagen.

As a modus operandi, I would have the lithographs couriered to me and would meet the board of the medical centre and show them the prints, laying them out on their board table. You only really get a feel by seeing prints, photographs or original paintings up close. I think that sending works digitally is fine as a guide but you really need to see the work itself before deciding if it suits you.

We also chose six original works by the British artist David Breuer- Weil, all oil paintings for the six main lobbies.These were seascapes and created an optimistic and spatial feeling.

I am particularly keen to work with hotel groups advising and finding art for the rooms and public areas .I worked with a private members’ club in the Caribbean choosing works by the Italian artist Guido d’Costanzo and it was an especially fulfilling and enjoyable experience. Both Guido’s and David’s work can be seen on my site below.

So my aim is to concentrate on the leisure sector though I am not averse to working on individual commissions.

I also have artists who would work to a specific brief on a given project, usually with the interior designer and client as a team. My web-site in

Michael Elton e-mail: [email protected]

Phone + 44 207 099 6129

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