It has been twenty-five years since the merger of the law offices of João Morais Leitão and José Manuel Galvão Teles, which were joined, eleven years later, by the law office of Miguel Galvão Teles and João Soares da Silva. In 2006, it was the turn of the law office of Osório de Castro, Verde Pinho, Vieira Peres and Lobo Xavier to be integrated into the firm.

Today, our firm is bigger and better than the sum of the firms that created it. Over the years, it has maintained a tradition of commitment, thoroughness, innovation and dedication to the law and to our clients. Generations have been renewed, lending further success and continuity to our founders’ original project.

In reflection of this renewal, we have decided to redesign and modernise the signs of our identity by adopting the symbol ML in Portugal and abroad, thus formalising what has been informal practice for many years now.

Although the name of the firm is Morais Leitão, Galvão Teles, Soares da Silva e Associados, informally it has always been called Morais Leitão. This is a well-deserved homage to one of our most brilliant founders and an unequivocal sign that, names notwithstanding, its bedrock has been and will always be the same: the love of legal practice, quality, pride in our work, talent-gathering and the ambition to be the leader in all areas of law.

As of today, Morais Leitão is Morais Leitão.
Nuno Galvao TelesNuno Galvão Teles 

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