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Rua Dos Jacarandas Lote 15 - Casas De Azeitão 2925-320 AZEITÃO
Company Description:

SomarMed is a provider of specialist occupational consultancy services with offices, located in both Panama and Sao Paulo. We provide Occupational Health Services to South, Central and North America representing a one stop shop for corporations with sites in these locations.
Our speciality is in achieving proven reduced labour related costs for Companies.

SomarMed is a newly incorporated company established in September 2015. It’s CEO Dr Shane Farrelly has previously been the Medical Director of Partner Health in Ireland, the 3rd largest Occupational health provider there. SomarMed provides its clients with a comprehensive list of occupational health services. SomarMed is best placed to provide ongoing advice on current and emerging best practice, trends and legislation in the Occupational Health area in South, Central and North America.

SomarMed’s level of experience can be traced across a wide spectrum of industries. Dr Farrelly’s previous company in Ireland, was contracted to provide occupational health services to a variety of organisations throughout Ireland, the United Kingdom and Europe. Our team of physicians have extensive experience and understanding of specific health risks associated with a variety of industry sectors.

SomarMed is absolutely committed to service delivery. This will mean that your contact and experience of the SomarMed team will be characterised by the delivery of a professional, responsive, and competent service.

SomarMed is known for providing a professional, responsive, and competent service. We take patient care very seriously and listen carefully to the needs of employers and employees.

Dr. Farrelly has worked with multi-nationals, large corporates, state and semi-state bodies, national utilities providers, manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, hospital and nursing home facilities, banking sector, universities and SME´s. Dr. Farrelly has been appointed as Medical Advisor to Irish Health and Safety Authority regarding complex employee occupational health issues.


Dr. Shane Farrelly - CEO -