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Praceta Luis de Camoes 106A,, Murches 2755-251 ALCABIDECHE
Company Description:

Perfect Peaks Brews is more than a beverage, it's a crafted expression of the passion we share for the outdoors and the invigorating lifestyle offered by the Lisbon Coast. Our passion for brewing extends beyond; it's about crafting an experience that resonates with those who surf, swim, ride, run, sail, and savor a shared moment of connection & camaraderie the Perfect Peaks Moment.

At Perfect Peaks, we understand that not every day calls for alcohol, but every day deserves exceptional refreshment. However there seems to be a lack of genuine choice in the drinks market for those seeking to adopt a more health-conscious lifestyle.

That’s why we developed our unique and innovative Sparkling Hop Water. 0.00% Alcohol, 0 Sugar Sweeteners, 0 Calories, 0 Synthetic Flavouring, 0 Gluten, and diabetic safe. Effervescent excitement, sensational aromas combined with familiar yet surprising blend of herbal, floral and fruit flavours. Refreshing, clean and sophisticated enough to prompt its own conversation.  Now a sunset party does not preclude enjoying  a sunsrise!


Sean Robert Wootton - CEO -