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EDIFICIO CASTIL, Rua Castilho, 39 - 12º G, Lisbon 1250-068 LISBOA
- Actividade Principal: Estudo, fornecimento e instalação de sistemas de fornecimento de águas de abastecimento para consumo humano e industrial e sistemas compactos de tratamento de águas residuais. - Produtos: Sistemas de cloragem e descloragem, Sistemas de dióxido de cloro, Filtração, descalcificação, desmineralização e osmose inversa, Bombas doseadores, Controladores, Analizadores, Sistemas de detecção e neutralização de fugas de cloro/gás, Garrafas e tambores para cloro. Instalações compactas para tratamento de águas residuais. - Marcas / Representações: WALLACE & TIERNAN, BABCOCK & WILCOX.
Main Phone: +351 213 240 700
Rua General Firmino Miguel, nº 5, Lisbon 1600-100 LISBOA
Banco Finantia is an independent global bank, with over twenty years of experience and leading positions in key market niches: Investment Banking, Private Banking and Specialized Finance. We are your other Bank, complementing the clients´ established relationship with their transactional everyday bank. Our conduct is ruled by the [...]
Main Phone: +351 217 202 000
Rua da Mesquita, nº6, Torre B, - 1, Porta B, Lisbon 1070-238 LISBOA
Banco Santander Totta S.A. is the merge of various banks and banking houses dating as far back as 1843. Banco Santander Totta is controlled by Banco Santander, with a shareholding of 99,9 %. Santander Totta, the 3rd private financial Group in Portugal. Santander Totta has achieved a Net Income of [...]
Main Phone: +351 213 704 476
Rua Dr Manuel Antonio Da Costa Matos 164, D1B, Lisbon 2750-290 CASCAIS
BaseLinked is an Employee Experience Design and HR Digital Transformation Partner. Delivering Smart, Sensitive, Intelligently Integrated Systems.  With over twenty years of international HR technology and change management experience we are dedicated to unlocking the natural brilliance of People by Designing Employee Centric Solutions with  Behaviour, Culture and Technology at [...]
Main Phone: +44 7944 899 152
PO Box 92, Lisbon 2494-909 OURÉM
Bindopor established in 1985, has been designing and manufacturing Signage solutions and complementary Artwork and Lighting products for architectural projects within the Hospitality & Tourism sector. We have "merged" SIGNS, LIGHTING and ART, offering a complete Signage, Architectural lighting and Wall Art Decor service program, targeting the [...]
Main Phone: +351 249 540 150
Edificio Mapro, Estrada da Quinta do Lago, Algarve 8135-106 ALMANCIL
There are numerous options available when it comes to financial planning, and your investment decisions are crucial if you are going to reach your long-term goals. Blacktower can help steer you on the right path based on your individual circumstances. We have more than 30 years’ experience helping to make [...]
Main Phone: +351 289 355 685