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Estação do Rossio, Largo Duque de Cadaval, 17 - 1º E, Lisbon 1200-160 LISBOA
Broadway Malyan is a leading practice of international architects, landscape designers and town planners. The breadth of our expertise is exceptional, scaling from the macro to the micro, from whole town masterplanning to the minutest detail of the interior. Through a network of offices in Britain, Europe and Africa [...]
Main Phone: +351 213 219 440
Rua D. Francisco Manuel de Melo 21-1º, Lisbon 1070-085 LISBOA
BT Group plc is the listed holding company for an integrated group of business that leads the UK´s information communication technology (ICT) market; ICT is the name given to a set of products offering companies voice, data and value-added services to help them run their businesses more flexibly and [...]
Main Phone: +351 213 525 511
London, UK, UK
Mapping and navigation for complex indoor and outdoor environments BuzzStreets is a B2B solution providing mapping and navigation for complex indoor and outdoor environments. Our clients can offer unparalleled user experience, helping users Navigate from their home, through traffic and public transport, to a specific location within a building. We are running [...]
Main Phone: +351 915 486 796
Av. Joao XXI, nº 63, Lisbon 1000-300 LISBOA
A Caixa Geral de Depósitos é a matriz de um moderno Grupo financeiro preparado para satisfazer as necessidades e expectativas dos seus clientes e para responder aos desafios da globalização dos mercados. Desde a sua criação, em 1876, a CGD tem vindo a acompanhar e a estimular o desenvolvimento económico [...]
Main Phone: +351 707 242 424
Av. José dos Santos Farias - Lote 138 B, Algarve 8135-167 ALMANCIL
Carlos Reis & Reis Lda provides English-speaking accountancy services to individuals and corporations. The firm´s accountants maintain in-depth expertise and experience in several areas of taxation, including; Property taxation, Value added tax, Personal taxation, Fiscal representation, Constitution of companies, Management Adviser and Payroll tax. Carlos Reis & Reis Lda [...]
Main Phone: +351 289 393 461