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Av. da Liberdade no 9, 5º 1250-139 LISBOA
Company Description:

Come to the Numintec cloud

Take your communications to another level, improve your efficiency and profitability, get agile, gather more information from your clients and adapt changes to your business demands easier and quicker.

Numintec is committed to research (R&D+i) since 2002, developing our own solutions based on proprietary and exclusive technology. Today we are a benchmark in the market, with a leading global communications platform solution that adapts to all types of companies, 100% in the cloud, with no investment in infrastructure or software, offering a pay-per-use format with no long-term contract commitments.

Come to our cloud, in the Numintec cloud one live better

Cloud Communications

The cloud as a business strategy
Our flexibility, agility and pay-per-use model help your company to optimize its costs and to work more efficiently.
With our cloud solutions, you will have a leading solution, permanently updated, scalable, secure and with a high capability of integration with your other management systems.

Applied intelligence
Big data and machine learning at the service of all companies
Incorporating artificial intelligence into your business processes, enable you to improve the focus on your clients while optimizing your work team activities. Our solution supports the connection to other systems and devices, such as social networks and smart speakers allowing the detection of the state of mind of your client, transcribing voice conversations, chat and email in more than 20 languages and analyze them automatically."


Dr. Daniel Soares - Sales Representative for Portugal - daniel.soare[email protected]