Mecanidraulica, Metalomecânica Internacional, S.A.

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Rua de Santiago, 59, 1 4785-597 TROFA
41.268523, -8.583557
Company Description:

With more than 30 years of activity worldwide, we have the knowledge and experience to successfully face the challenges of medium and large-scale metal construction.

We are a company specialized in heavy metalworking, energy, environment, and metal sculpture, with strong know-how recognized by domestic and foreign markets.

We have great experience in designing, manufacturing, assembling equipment and providing services.

We are specialists in: Metallic structures; Bridges and Overpasses; Energy Production Plants; Fuel storage tanks; Windtowers; Environmental protection equipment (smoke and gases); Timber and paper production equipment.

Mecanidraulica is certified with the European Standard EN 1090 Exc 4 - the highest execution class with CE marking.


João Gomes -