Doutor Finanças, Unipessoal Lda.

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Rua José Gomes Ferreira 11, Edif Atlas Il Piso 1, Sala 11 1495-139 ALGÉS
Company Description:

Doutor Finanças is a Portuguese fintech focused on improving its clients´ financial well-being, by supporting them in the acquisition and negotiation of mortgage loans and insurance products.
We do that by bringing together personal finance specialists and technology, to create a fully digital, safe, simple and agile customer experience.
The "Clinica", our proprietary technology, is a powerful hub that connects all the dots in the process: specialists, customers and business partners, that include a nation-wide network with thousands of local bank branches. The system enables to collect all the documents necessary for the process, extract their data and automatically rate the client profile, promoting an effective communication with all parties involved in the operation.
Doutor Finanças is a credit intermediary, registered in the Bank of Portugal (register nr 00420), with free-of-cost services to clients.


Dr. Rui Bairrada - CEO
Dr. Claúdio Santos - CCO
Drª. Margarida Pinto Ribeiro - Head of Private Clients -