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Largo do Ozório 1 - Pta. 1 - 1° dto., Cartaxo, Lisbon 2070-043 CARTAXO
Company Description:

CREAM bvba is a limited company consisting of two trading entities, CompanyDoctors and Nomenista.

CompanyDoctors grew out of the observation that when employees feel good in their working environment, they feel much more engaged and make better use of their potential. That results in better collaboration, increased innovation, improved customer service, higher productivity, lower employee turnover and ultimately a better financial performance.

We diagnose both origin and cause of the human energy leaks and determine an approach to structurally remedy the situation. Then we guide the company through the implementation process.

Our focus is on small and medium-sized organisations (up to 100 employees).

Nomenista offers brand name strategy and brand name creation. The team has an extensive international experience dealing with small to large organizations and has created strong names for companies, products and services alike.


Michael Cassiers - Managing director - [email protected] - Y
Mariska De Mey - Creative director - [email protected] - Y