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Rua Doutor José Correia de Sá n 55, Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal 4520-208 SANTA MARIA DA F
Company Description:

Corporate Connections®

Building Relationships that Matter

Business Opportunities

Our proven structure results in our members sharing opportunities for business growth, strategic alliances, joint ventures, and the co-creation of new enterprises. Our members are continuously collaborating to move business forward.

Experience the Extraordinary

With unparalleled access to the world, our members are empowered to expand their horizons, knowledge and perspectives. Whether it be an intimate meeting with a fellow Member, a Forum retreat, or taking their families to our National and Global Conventions, Members are continuously discovering new ways to think, inspire and lead.

Make Smarter Decisions Faster

Our members face important personal and professional decisions daily. The Corporate Connections Forum provides a confidential environment in which Members leverage the shared experiences of their peers to gain clarity and make better decisions faster.


Mr Terry Hamill - National Director -