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E.N. 125, Sítio do Rio Seco,, Cx. Postal 200B, 8005-528 FARO
Company Description:

Carob World is a registered brand which takes pride in revealing the intense flavour of southern Europe to the world. A business concept inspired, since 2015, to reveal the Mediterranean´s best-kept secret - Carob. A Guiltless temptation. A special gift to special people.

At Carob World, the traditional flavour is blended with innovation and transforms this mystical fruit from the Mediterranean into unique and unforgettable experiences.

Our products emerge from the deeply-rooted tradition of carob harvesting by the Mediterranean shores. Carob plays an important role on the Mediterranean diet, and has been harvested, traditionally in the South of Portugal (Algarve), for decades. Ours products bear the tradition of the ancient harvesting methods.

We propose a range of products that are Carob-based and thus include a variety of healthy nutrients. They provide the much-needed daily doses of calcium, phosphorus and potassium. Furthermore, these products are gluten-free, allergen-free, caffeine-free, do not include any stimulants and contains naturally present sugars. Also, more than half of our products are vegan. In our range of products, you can find Carob-based bars, spreads, organic syrup, and powders, as well as gift boxes that include more than one product.


Engº. João Currito - CEO - [email protected]
Drª Ana Paula Appel - MKT Manager - [email protected]
Dr. João Silva - Operations Manager - [email protected]
Dr. Rui Pirote - Sales Executive - [email protected]