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20-22 Wenlock Road LONDON N1 7GU
Whether you are retired, about to retire, a senior, part of the silver generation, 50+, a Baby or Euro Boomer, our business was created with you in mind. Contact us for help with planning your retirement in the sun. Not sure whether the location is right for you or don´t know [...]
Main Phone: +44 208 144 7558
Herdade da Vargem Fresca, Estrada Nacional 10 2135-115 SAMORA CORREIA
Our mission is to ensure that Life Plan Resorts (LPR) residents enjoy their wiser years with vitality, comfort and peace of mind. We offer a programme specially designed for a holistic approach to healthy ageing. LPR is the world’s most comprehensive retirement resort for healthy ageing, where people purchase a [...]
Main Phone: +351 263 157 900