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Av. 24 de Julho, nº. 3, 1º esq. 1200-480 LISBOA
Executive Roomspace has existed since 1994, as a leader in the short/medium stay corporate accommodation sector. With offices in London (headquarters), Madrid and Lisbon, Executive Roomspace offers flexible solutions for clients who demand an efficient response and a quality and price that meets their needs. We offer a full-service including [...]
Main Phone: +351 918 036 583
Rua Serpa Pinto 60 4400-307 VILA NOVA DE GAI
In the heart of the century-old wine cellars of Porto, The Lodge Hotel combines the ambience of a luxury wine hotel with the functionality of an extraordinary events venue. From the interior design to the exclusive service, the hotel honours the cultural heritage and identity of Porto and the [...]
Main Phone: +351 220 157 540