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Potsdamer Platz 10, Haus 2 - 5.OG 10785 BERLIN
Company Description:

2Leadership is a Management Consulting Firm for Organizational, Leadership and Talent Development in Times of Change, including Culture Transformation, Executive Coaching and Post-Deal Transformation

2Leadership enables people in organizations to give direction and to create the conditions for cooperation, change agility and personal development. We believe people are the key to achieving organizational success. Organizations which invest in equipping their leaders with the necessary capabilities and tools to give direction and create the right conditions, will themselves be better equipped to navigate towards their future.

This is why we put our focus on internationally proven solutions in Leadership Development, Organizational Development and Talent Development.

We offer these services internationally through our partnerships with N.E.W.S.® Navigation, Personal Publishing Inc., and TransKooption® network. This allows us to offer our customers globally scalable solutions across their international business.

Services & Products in Detail:

• CEO & C-Level, Executive & Team Coach
• Post Deal / Post Merge Integration Specialist
• Leadership & Organizational Team Building Specialist


Leadership Development
Individually designed programs to promote modern, agile, and inspirational leadership capabilities to build great teams and lead them to excellence
N.E.W.S.® Mission Possible™ - Being effective in a disruptive reality
N.E.W.S.® Executive Coaching™ - Transformation That Delivers Results
N.E.W.S.® Manager as Coach™ - Impactful Coaching Conversations

 Organizational Development
Holistic, structured and replicable processes for Leadership Teams, which deal with underlying issues to create the next version of the organisation
N.E.W.S.® Organizational Navigation™ - Fast – Deep – Strategic
N.E.W.S.® Team Navigation™ - Driving Change Together
TransKooption® - From a Culture of Competition to Co-operation

Talent Development
Tailor-made programs for talents on pathways to leadership or functional expertise, which connect passions and potential with organizational goals to create engagement for the future
N.E.W.S.® Self-Navigation™ - Create Your Next Version
Communication & Coaching for Experts - Impactful Communication
Core Strengths® Talent Effectiveness - Results Through Relationships


Ferdinand Lucke - Executive Coach & Executive Consultant / Sócio Gerente EOEX - [email protected]