We have great pleasure in introducing you to João de Sousa Guimarães of TESG – Teixeira & Guimarães, Sociedade de Advogados.


How did you start your career?

Working and studying at the same time. Got the opportunity to do sales on banking as well on pharma companies while faculty at night period. Then I got the chance to start the practice, having been gone through Porto, Lisbon and Madeira offices within another firm until I start my own.

Who is the business person that has inspired you most?

Jack Welch from General Electric and António Horta Osório from Santander first and Lloyds after.

What is your greatest satisfaction in your business day?

Get at the end of each always making plans for the day after, have my clients satisfied and time for a good deed. Then I can go home happy.

What interests or hobbies do you have outside of your business career?

Writing, motorcycle ride and recently Golf.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what film / book / piece of music would you want to have with you?

Film, Trading Places with Eddie Murphy just to keep on smiling; Book, the Message from Fernando Pessoa; music, Cinema from Rodrigo Leão.

What is your favourite place in Portugal? And in the UK?  

Tough one: Portugal, Porto for sure; Uk, London (particularly, Royal Albert Hall or The Opera House).

Are you active on social media? (if you wish you can indicate your online profile)

Not at all; I am on LinkedIn, but that´s it; active socially, but like to meet people and places in person.

There is much talk of digital disruption of both business and personal lives. What are the changes that you could see over the next ten years in your sector?

In 10 years, the practice is going totally to digital – that is for sure. And probably remote working is going to become rule number one. People would like in general to set things up at some distance, but there are going to be come matters that being present would become a luxury. We will have to be better on balancing digital/non-digital in order to avoid being anti-social.

If you want to speak to João, email: [email protected]

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