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Aguirre Newman

Aguirre Newman Portugal is a property consultant that offers customised, complete and integrated property services in the B2B sector: Investment, Architecture, Property Management, Research & Evaluations and Agency. In the last 10 years it has grown to become one of the key players in the property services sector both in terms of sales turnover and client numbers. The company, which offers an innovative service in developing, carrying out and managing property projects from A-Z for investors, companies and institutions, is now taking its expertise abroad says managing partner, Paulo Silva.

There is no shortage of property consultants for property investors and companies to choose from in the Portuguese market. But there are few that can oversee every step of a project from start to finish like Aguirre Newman can. One of the reasons why is that the company focuses on property in all aspects. Another is that it exercises care, detail and precision in the services it offers. Although Aguirre Newman has different departments, none of them are sealed off tanks. There is a flow of information between them and a level of team spirit and cooperation that is difficult to find these days.

Take Aguirre Newman's Architecture Department for example. Architecture is not the kind of area normally associated with a property consultant. Yet this is a rapidly expanding area which has captured the trust of the company's clients because of the quality of the work undertaken; and because its team - which now includes architects Nelson Paciencia and Pedro Lucas - is very strict in terms of meeting deadlines and budgets.

"We've got a very professional, all-round team and the benefit of an experience built up over a decade," says Paulo Silva, who adds that they "know how things need to be done." Aguirre Newman can evaluate a property with great precision and detail, work out the points of risk and predetermine what could go wrong with a specific property project, thus anticipating any delays. It's that ability to provide clients with a full and honest picture that sets Aguirre Newman apart from some competitors. "I can honestly say that we've never been penalised in terms of building projects and part of that is because we always deliver on time," he adds.

Looking back on 2011 the year wasn't easy for any property consultants, but then Aguirre Newman stresses that although it has many operations and different departments, no single one stands out since they all contribute towards making the company grow. This is true in both non-technical (services) and technical areas, particularly in evaluations, an area in which Aguirre Newman enjoyed one of its best years ever. "Our growth was not made at the expense of the great portfolios of property developers, but through the large quantity of mostly small evaluations that we carried out." The same is true with Property Management. "We're not a JP Morgan, Chamartín or Sonae, but our work is recognised and respected by our clients because we deliver a bespoke service with regards to the buildings we manage and they own, maintaining their confidence," explains Paulo Silva.

Clients are often surprised at the degree of involvement Aguirre Newman has, particularly at a Project Management level. Imagine a company wants to source and adapt an office premises. Aguirre Newman can supervise every step of the project from start to finish using its own partners to carry out interior works or allowing the client the flexibility to use its own trusted service suppliers. "This is our Architectural Department's asset. We can be involved in a project from A-Z; doing everything necessary for a company to set up in a particular premises. Our clients are often very sophisticated and know what they want and we can offer them exactly that. On the other hand we are transparent and honest. If we think a project isn't feasible and will throw up too many insurmountable problems we tell the client, even if that means saying 'no' to the contract," says Paulo Silva.

Aguirre Newman is also helping Portuguese companies that are expanding abroad to find premises in Spain and Latin America. "We're aware that companies are thinking globally and we're helping firms in Chile, Colombia and Peru," he says, adding that Aguirre Newman is also working for Brazilian companies, helping them find premises in Portugal. "Portugal provides a window of opportunity for Brazilian companies that need specialised workforces at a relatively cheap price. This has proved an asset for Aguirre Newman which plans to explore this avenue further, while remembering that "solutions exist here in Portugal too."

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